Master bathroom

Mirror mirror...

Bathroom 1
Jakarta's Intercontinental Hotel is missing 2 mirrors...

To characterise the villa's master bathroom 3 words come to mind: 'spacious', 'open' and above all: 'original'.
There are plenty of things a bathroom can offer that its definition does not only limit to as for personal cleanliness or a word used to euphemize as a room containing a toilet, but a room vital for people to meet relaxation at its best. So we added up an extra effort to beautify your bathroom to maximize comfort, space and aesthetics.

A -little- touch of colonial style

Bathoom 1

Original modern bathroom design sets the room to a spa-like ambience with colonial style amenities that includes a 3 meter long black granite countertop and two matching classic vessel sinks. But the real eye catchers are two unique large wooden mirrors that once were exclusively designed for Jakarta's stylish Intercontinental Hotel. Now restored, they enter a second life in our villa. Opposite is a glass stoned wall -open at the top, like many Balinese bathrooms, featuring a warm and cold water rain shower, hanging from one of the villa's columns. The toilet is hidden behind a wall next to the entrance for extra privacy.

Bathroom 1