The Kitchen

Have a cool drink!


You probably won't find yourself cooking meals during your holiday in Bali. The food in nearby warungs and restaurants is hard to resist at prices that are hard to believe. You'll probably use the kitchen area just to get drinks from the fridge, help yourself to water from the dispenser or make coffee and tea.

Where miracles happen

The kitchen is where our staff prepares your daily breakfast.

Each morning breakfast is served outside on your terrace: a selection of fresh fruits of the season, your choice of eggs or pancakes, toast, coffee or tea.
Upon request our staff will prepare lunch and/or cook you a delicious Balinese lunch or dinner as well in any style you like. Fresh fish can be bought off the local fishermen at the beach and turned into Bali's famous Saté Lilit.r (lunch and dinner not included in the rental price)