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Vacationing in Bali means there's very little you have to do yourself. The friendly locals love to work in tourism and to be of service, so let them help you. Their knowledge and expertise get you the most out of the Bali experience and they'll keep you out of trouble.

Some things -like driving- you simply have to leave to them. Sure, you can rent a car, it's even cheap. Only problem: there's no way for a tourist to get insurance. Should you get involved in an accident, it will ALWAYS be your fault: 'because if you -a visitor- had not come to the island, the accident would not have happened'.... simple Balinese logic, that can have great consequences.

So you'll always need a car with a driver. The good news: they are very affordable - that is if you don't fall in the hands of hustlers.

This is why you want our trusted staff to help you, they will make sure you're in good, safe hands, pay normal fixed rates and you won't get hustled.

These are services they can provide or assist with. Just ask Nyoman or Made:

Drivers, Taxi's, Cars

Email us if you need transportation from the airport to the villa.

We work with our 2 regular trusted drivers for airport pickup and all other trips. Ask our staff to call them whenever you need transportation.

Renting a scooter




Special dinners

Tours and Excursions


Hiking with Nyoman
Hiking with Nyoman, our manager. He knows the best places and will be glad to take you on one of his famous hikes.