Where we are

Central, safe and near the beach

Candidasda and Karangasem
Candidasa in beautiful Karangasem provence with Mount Agung 25 kilometers away in the background. Candidasa, at safe distance and shielded by multiple mountains, is a well protected official safe area.

Pictures say more than a 1000 words in describing the beautiful location and surroundings of our villa. Coconut palms and banana trees is what you see looking up from the swimming pool. And if you fancy a more saltier swim, the beach is only a 2 minute walk away...

Coconuts and bananas

The villa is located in Samuh, the eastern part of Candidasa that is still a traditional agricultural and fishing community. Here you'll find coconut- and banana trees, small hidden family farms with a few pigs and chickens and fishermen on the beach. A lot of daily fishing activity is still going on and many dugout outrigger canoes can be seen leaving- or returning to the beaches every day. More inland many small farmers still live in the coconut forest behind the village, keeping chickens and a few pigs and harvesting fruits, bananas and coconuts. The local traditional Hindu population is friendly, trustworthy and live by the rules of Karma.

Candidasa village itself is a strip between a mountain array and the sea, with warungs, restaurants, small resorts and shops. There is no mass tourism and you won't find a discotheque or nightclubs. People come here to relax, enjoy the food, dive the blue sea and enjoy the unspoiled Balinese atmosphere.

The beaches near the villa

Candidasa, being right in the middle of East Bali, is also the perfect starting point for tours, trips and excursions. From nearby Padang Bay ferryboats will take you to the Gili Islands in just 1 hour or to nearby Lombok and Nusa Penida. But must-see places like Ubud, Gianyar, Klungkung or the breathtaking rice fields in the northern part of Bali are all within reach without spending many hours in a car.

Safe and sound

Between Candidasa and the magical Mount Agung volcano, a ring of smaller mountains fully protects the entire bay area from any lava- or other streams should a future volcano eruption ever occur as it did in 1963. It's an official safe area as it has been ever since.

The traditional locals cherish tourists coming to their village and make sure they stay safe and comfortable in every way. Unlike overcrowded tourist spots in south Bali, Candidasa is a very safe place to spend your holiday.

Drone shots of the Villa in Candidasa
Our villa is surrounded by coconut- and banana trees, and only a short walk from one Candidasa's best sandy beaches