Renting the entire villa

Up to 6 persons
€ 1099,- per week / € 157,- per night

TIP: Avoid the commission and extra charges from agencies/booking sites:
contact the owners directly.

Full use of the villa, pool and garden, it's all yours! Ideal for a family or up to 3 couples.
3 Bedrooms, all with large bamboo king-sized beds, 2 bathrooms, large kitchen and living area.
Full Balinese breakfast and housekeeping provided by our staff is included.

For availability: check AirBnB calendar - or contact the owners directly via email.

Renting thye entire villa
Renting the entire villa for a perfect holiday. Experience what living in Bali is all about. Everything is brand new and spacious - the rooms, the garden, the pool ... and it's all yours!

But there's more:

We offer the possibility of renting one or both of the guest rooms during times that the villa is not occupied.
Sometimes you don't need an entire villa. Sometimes you need a nice room (or two) for just one night or for a couple of days -with a full Balinese breakfast, a bathroom and a nice pool in a tropical garden.

Reservations for the guest rooms can only be made short in advance and only for a couple of days, or for as long as there are no bookings for the entire villa. You'll find that no hotel room can match the villa experience or the price!

Rent part of the villa (1 or 2 rooms)

2 persons € 129,- (1 room + bathroom)
4 persons: € 140,- (2 rooms + 1 bathroom)
Available only when the villa is not occupied..
On certain dates only -in between bookings- it is possible to rent one or two rooms for shorter periods and on short notice.
Ideal for Bali explorers passing by, or just for a few days of relaxation in the Candidasa area.

Renting one or two of the guest rooms + 1 bathroom: € 129,- per night / € 810,- per week (2 persons per room)

Renting the owners quarters (master bed- and bathroom + the grand living room and kitchen) € 140,- per night / € 980,- per week (2 persons per room)
Renting the entire villa (3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms + grand living room and kitchen) € 157,- per night / € 1099,- per week (up to 6 persons)
Contact us for availability

Bed and breakfast (2 rooms)

1 - 4 persons
€ 65,- pp per night

Be our guest - available only when the owners are present.
During times that the owners -a couple from the Netherlands- stay in the villa, the 2 guest rooms are available as 'Bed and Breakfast'.

Our 2 guest rooms and it's spacious bathroom are designed to offer plenty of privacy - even when the Dutch owners occupy the other half of the villa.
Balinese breakfast is included served on your own terrace, overlooking your own part of the tropical garden.
Full use of the swimming pool, and if you want to use the kitchen or the fridge: be our guest. You'll find that our villa has so much more to offer than a regular Bed and Breakfast experience.
Contact us for availability.

Villa Candidasa
View of bedroom 1, these rooms can be rented separately on short notice and for short stays ONLY during times that the entire villa is not booked, or as Bed and Breakfast when the owners are present