Master Bedroom Suite

'The Boudoir'

Measter bedroom
Same as the adjoining living area, the master bedroom suite has a large wooden parket floor made of solid Indonesian wood, underlining its double function.

The master bedroom suite was specially designed to the wishes of the woman of the house as a modern times 'boudoir' - a room not only to use as a bedroom but also as her private sitting room, to have privacy at all times when guests or staff are around. A large room situated at the heart of the villa, with doors to the adjoining master bathroom and the living area. Two sliding doors at the back lead into the walk-in dressing/storage room.

Master bedroom

The suite's bed is a full 200 X 200 king size and like all bedrooms there's a ceiling fan and airconditioning. But when all doors are open, the high roof and a smooth breeze coming in from the open bathroom keep temperatures nice and comfortable in a natural way. Like the mirrors in the master bathroom, the two refurbished red chairs had a previous life in Jakarta's Intercontinental Hotel lobby. Now they emphasize the 'boudoir' idea of the villa's Master Bedroom Suite...

Master bedroom