Guest Room 2

Room with a view

Guestroom 2
Guestroom 2 is a big bright room. Open the 3.6 m wide open sliding doors and look out over the pool and the garden

Big Bamboo!

Like all bedrooms in the villa, this room too features a kingsized bamboo bed. Sleep under the bamboo finished wooden roof with a soft breeze from the fan. No doubt you're in the tropics now! And if the Bali nights get too hot for you -they rarely do- this room too is fully airconditioned.

Guestroom 2

The room is spacious and has a bright nice feel. It has a desk with a colourful Balinese painting. There are 2 comfortable ratan seats and a coffe table that you can easily move around or put outside to enjoy the view of the tropical garden with the pool. The door in the back leads to the bathroom and walk-in closet.
Open the 3.6m wide sliding doors at the front and you're just a few steps away from the pool. Jump right in!