Our staff

Taking care.

Housekeeper Made not only makes a fabulous breakfast, she also keeps the villa super clean and tidy. We're very lucky to have her taking such good care of us.

What to expect

Balinese villa's always have local staff to look after the villa and its guests. They take great pride in taking care of you, it's your holiday after all.

This is the daily routine in our villa:
You're probably still asleep when early in the morning the pool gets vacumed. Proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial to keeping the water safe and clean, so this is done every day, many times without you even noticing.

Around 7am housekeeper Made comes in and prepares breakfast: coffee or tea will be ready as soon as you wake up. A plate with fresh fruits is part of our Balinese breakfast and you'll be asked for your choice of eggs and toast, or maybe you prefer a delicious Balines banana pancake. (Fresh banana's grow in our back yard and until you've had one you never knew what banana's taste like...)

After breakfast the beds will be made, bathrooms will be cleaned and other housekeeping duties are performed. When finished -usually between 11 am and 12, the staff will go home and leave you in privacy for the rest of the day.

Our great staff

Special requests and services

While only breakfast and housekeeping is included in the rental agreement, our staff will be glad to assist you with any special requests. Ask them about transportation, getting a scooter, excursions, hikes, massages or fishing and snorkeling trips all, at the best prices so you can avoid local hustlers.

Or maybe you want them to make you a special dinner or lunch, or prepare that fresh fish you bought early in the morning of one of the fishermen at the beach. Or maybe you need medical assistance. Just ask Nyoman or Made, they will know how to help you in all cases.
See this list of services our staff can provide or assist you with.

Manager Nyoman Arta
...early morning pool cleaning by Nyomans son Made
Our Balinese adventure started 3 years ago when meeting Mr. Nyoman Arta - seen here (left) in traditional clothes with his youngest son Wishnu and (middle) on the porch with a cousin. He made everything possible for us, literally, by organising and overseeing the construction of the villa we designed ourselves. He now is our manager and 'chief of staff' - and part of our Balinese family. He's responsible for the villa and guests when we're in 'Belanda'.

When you're staying in the villa, you'll get to meet him, in fact he and his wife Wayan are probably the ones who welcome you and help you settle in. He comes by most mornings to check on things. If you need anything or have any questions, ask Nyoman, he has all the answers. He can also take you on one of his famous hikes or organise a 'suckling pig party' for you and your family, to mention just a few things. Nyoman is the best, we could not do without him.