The Grand Living Room

Room to Breathe

There's a seven meter wide opening to the veranda overlooking the tropical graden and the swimming pool. Living in Bali means living outside... even when you're inside the living room

First impression: it's open and it's BIG! This is how Bali stays cool: as a cool breeze rolls in from the open space in the back where plants give it the feel of an inside garden. The beautiful asymmetrical Balinese roof made out of wood and bambu is high enough to catch rising warm air, keeping the room's temperature pleasant at all times, without airconditioning. Four rotating ceiling fans keep the air moving and add to the ever present tropical feel.

Living areaThe Grand Living area

Room to relax.

Each morning breakfast is served by our friendly staff at the large round white design table that seats six people. During the daytime the room offers plenty of space to escape the hot tropical sun or use our free WiFi in the shade. In the evening it's the perfect place to relax, read, watch TV, enjoy drinks and make conversation. And then there's that wooden floor in the middle... your own private dance floor..!

Living By Night
It's big...